The Seven Words African-American Physicians Will Say

As we go into the holiday season of 2017, I wish to reiterate the
commitment of the Charles R. Drew Medical Society to the physicians’ role
as advocate.

  1. We will take care of VULNERABLE populations
  2. We will promote DIVERSITY in all aspects of the medical field
    inclusive of medical education and training.
  3. We will take care of all patients including the TRANSGENDER inclusive of the LGBQT community
  4. We will encourage medical excellence and quality derived from SCIENCE-BASED AND EVIDENCED-BASED academic science and research.
  5. We will advocate for community education and training for the health
    and development of the FETUS.
  6. We will advocate for the ENTITLEMENT of our communities to have a
    right to health care and to live in a world without hate and fear.
  7. We will proudly call the Affordable Care Act, OBAMACARE! A legislative act that has given health care to millions and saved hundreds of thousands of lives.

We will not be intimidated by “science-thought police” dangling a financial
boon to shape a mindset consistent with “flat-earthers” We will say these
seven words from the rooftops with a megaphone!

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